Why Polyhedron

Why should you choose Polyhedron?

Because we excel in the race against the clock – with limited resources and against long odds.

Turnaround is our singular focus.

At Polyhedron, we aim to put challenged businesses back on their feet, much like an emergency doctor helping a patient survive life-threatening situations and stable enough to be transferred to the next doctor.

Here are a few things we do:

Provide Expertise in Technology

  • We have deep experience in  technology sectors in product development and business strategy, including software development, product management, corporate marketing, and general management. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities technology introduces into a turnaround situation. See our track record and experience below.

Simplify Complicated Problems

  • We simplify the most complicated problems into one or two “must-dos” and focus on solving those problems.
  • Because of our track record and our process, we have convictions on what needs to be done and can persuade stakeholders to all work toward this vision.
  • We are unemotional in times of crisis, and are able to quickly make the hard decisions necessary to limit damage and spur recovery.

Eliminate Financial Liability

  • We instill commitment by leading by example, transparently communicating the tasks at hand, and working hard to achieve them.
  • We restructure financial liability by aligning customers with investors, lenders, suppliers, and partners – and creating win-win business deals.


Select Track Record


Turnaround Consultant of Stagnant US Business

Reset client’s strategy to focus on major accounts and differentiated solutions. Grew business 5X within one year by winning the largest licensing customer of the company’s history. Accelerated the roadmap one whole year by simplifying and aligning product requirements with customers.

One Year Business Growth


Leverage Buy-out CEO of NEC Semiconductor Fab

During the most complex and confusing period of the Hitachi-Mitsubishi-NEC semiconductor consolidation process, convinced the financial acquirer and NEC’s major customer to jointly sponsor the LBO effort that had a pre-paid break-up fee, was cross-border, and was 40X the company’s revenue.

With Pre-paid Break-up Fee


Turnaround CEO During the 2008 Recession

Quadrupled Kilopass business during 2009 by closing an IP licensing deal with Samsung in six weeks to save the company from bankruptcy and position it for growth. Completely overhauled the management team, reduced headcount by 3X, and negotiated resolution to prior contract disputes with Intel and TSMC all within one year. Business in 2010 was 25% over business plan and three times that of 2008.

Increased Revenue


Turnaround Product Manager for Apple Market

Grew Iomega’s corporate-buyer market share in the Mac business as tracked by MacWeek from 8% – 25%, and ultimately contributed to its competitor’s bankruptcy. Conceived and developed Iomega’s advertising strategy which became the famous “Intel Inside” campaign.


Market Share Increase



The Journey

  • CEO in M&A, asset sale, and LBO projects with financial sponsors
  • Executive member of two publicly held companies
  • CEO and GM in management changes and reductions in force (RIF)
  • Plaintiff and defendant in patent litigations
  • Creator of two brand new products in networking chips and 3D DRAM
  • Primary inventor in two patents, co-inventor in 30+ other patents
  • Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) in a venture capital partner
  • Founding CEO to raise series-A financing
  • Product manager in 10+ technology products
  • Microprocessor architecture and design
  • Semiconductor memory technology research and development
  • Software technology and development
  • Corporate culture indoctrination at GE and IBM


Charlie has a strong sense of duty to all the shareholders, and his creativity and strong relationship with customers enabled Charlie to finance the company without diluting shareholders. Charlie did a great job in turning Kilopass around.

– Winston Fu, General Partner, LDVP

More than the exceptional business growth, what impresses us is Charlie’s commitment to be hands-on over the past 9 months, working hand-in-hand with the R&D team and our licensees to deliver a very ambitious product on time, and on target.

– CEO, current client since Q4, 2018

“Charlie is at his best during times of crisis. The constructive tension he creates challenges out-of-the-box thinking and lead to better solutions.”

– Linh Hong, VP & GM, Kilopass Technologies

“Through my experience as a founder CTO & then CEO, the most valuable ones were during the last months being coached by Charlie.  Charlie guided me and the company through a difficult turnaround and bring the company to an exit. I learned business focus, team transparency, legal prudence, and decision making among other things. We were lucky to have Charlie.”

Jawad Nasrullah, CEO, zGlue

“Charlie brought his considerable financial & legal / CFIUS expertise into zGlue and completed a complex transaction by aligning all stakeholders and guiding the CEO through the process. Charlie’s integrity, credibility, and sense of commitment was invaluable to unite the board through this challenging period.”

Yang Meng, Managing Partner, Huizong Capital Investment